Little Garden Wood


It is our aim to create a fully stocked wood of high quality, indigenous broad-leaved trees with a diverse under-storey of native woodland shrubs in accordance with the intentions of Lady Reilly when she planted it.

Since the company was set up, heroic efforts have been made to clear Mother Nature’s mess (for over 25 years, she had been left to her own devices) and to fell fruitwood which should never have been allowed to grow to its present height.  With the generous and unstinting help and encouragement of the Wychwood Project, a full programme of restoration, upkeep and improvement is now underway and a felling programme has started and will continue over the coming years, but very much in tandem with further planting until we have a natural woodland, not a park, of hardwood trees native to the area and creating a wood of which both Lady Reilly and the village can be justly proud.

90 trees and shrubs were recently planted and protected by deer proof shelters.  Each stake bears a number according to the following code: 

  1. English Oak (quercus robor)
  2. Sweet Chestnut (castanea sativa)
  3. Field Maple (acer campestre)
  4. Hazel (corylus avellana)
  5. Spindle (euonymus europaea)
  6. Crab Apple (malus sylvestris)
  7. Guelder Rose (viburnum opulus)
  8. Wayfaring Tree (viburnum lantana)